Maricopa: What happened to 443K excess ballots?


Election progress reports reveal that Maricopa County counted 443K excess ballots.

Previous blogposts here and here highlighted that Joe Biden received about 120K excess votes from the first two tranches of votes reported from Maricopa County.

Those tranches were reported by 8:03 PM MST.

In addition, the first two tranches of votes contained 9,000 more votes than the total reported at the end of the election for all of Maricopa County.    

As mentioned in Maricopa County Caught Red Handed, the total from 8:03 PM were unlikely to include the 168K votes cast on Election Day.   There is no accountability for those ballots

It may be that some or all of those votes were never counted in the 2020 election due to misalignment or bleed throughs by sharpies.  Time -- and the final audit report -- will tell.

However, the fact remains that nearly 2.1 million votes from Maricopa were counted by 8:03 PM and that's a big problem for Biden and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors -- because at least 443K more votes were counted after the morning November 4th.

At around 11AM on the morning of November 4th, Megan Gilbertson, the Elections Department spokeswoman for Maricopa, confirmed the number of mail-in ballots dropped off on Election Day totaled between 160,000 and 180,000

Isn't that amazing?

About 168,000 people (mostly Trump voters) showed up on Election Day to vote and just by a stroke of luck between 160-180K absentee ballots rolled in the next day.

Gilbertson added that there were 248,000 early ballots that arrived on Monday and Tuesday that had not been counted.  Add to that another 18,000 provisional votes hadn't been counted in Maricopa.

At that point, Maricopa's ballot count equaled 2.533 million -- or 443K more than the final vote tally -- and the votes kept on coming.

Eyewitness Jan Bryant testified:

Bryant: They thought they were done multiple times. Multiple times the people that were running the rooms thought they were done (counting ballots), or almost done. Or were gonna be done Wednesday morning (Nov. 4th), then Thursday morning (Nov. 5th), then Friday morning. Then it went on the whole next week. And I’m like, I asked the question, You don’t know how many ballots are still left to come in? I don’t know who does, again…process…project management, but zero.

State House Rep. Mark Finchem: On that point Ma’am, I’m tracking with you but, what day did the truck show up?

Jan Bryant: Every day, yeah, every day.

Mark Finchem: OK. Just a minute. I want to make sure we capture this properly. So there were trucks that showed up on the 3rd, and then the 4th, and then the 5th, and how long did that go on. How many days?

Jan Bryant: I wasn’t there the whole last week. My last day was the 10th and they were still coming in.... 

Bryant's testimony is confirmed by Gilbertson.

On November 9th, Gilbertson reported that Maricopa had nearly 39,000 ballots left to count, and crazy as it sounds, they were still counting early ballots (that had to be returned by October 27th).   

It took the counting center over 13 days to count early ballots.  Shouldn't early ballots have been counted first? 

That is either election mismanagement at its finest or it was done on purpose in order to know the number of ballots needed to push Biden over the top.

In the meantime, manufactured ballots were also replacing legitimate ballots (that's what the math tells us).

It is almost certain that many to most of the Election Day votes that were rejected due to bleed throughs and misalignment ended up in the shredder.   That would bring the accounting of missing ballots to around 150K.

Next, the Minor Party vote shifts to Biden were in the range of 100K votes.  Those ballots had to be destroyed and replaced with new ballots.   The total now stands at 250K.

As reported in Maricopa Routergate, some (120K)  were likely shifted to other counties, explaining Biden's over performance of Clinton's 2016 totals.   That would bring the total to 370K.  However, that number is based on the assumption that only Biden's votes in excess of Clinton's 2016 total are questionable.   There are ample reasons to believe Biden underperformed Clinton (such as registration trends, lack of enthusiasm for Biden, etc) and that assumption is incorrect and that Biden needed fraudulent votes just to equal Clinton. 

Sticking with the original assumption, that leaves 63K excess votes to account for in Maricopa.

Recall that Arizona reported ZERO write-in absentee votes out of nearly 3 million absentee votes cast. The number of write-in votes shifted to Biden was estimated between 53,000 - 68,000.     Those ballots would also had to have been destroyed and replaced. 

These shenanigans also happened in the other battleground states where fraudulent ballots were manufactured (dumped) to replace legitimate ballots.

To be clear, votes for Trump, Jorgenson, and write-ins were destroyed and replaced with Biden votes in the swing states.

Ray Blehar, July 30, 2021, 8:35 AM EDT


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  1. Demoncrats can't win without cheating. It seems the party that created the entitled welfare class is an entitled bunch themselves, isn't that special?!?!?!