Hey Bill Barr, where is the DOJ's report on the 2020 election?

Former US Attorney General Bill Barr claims there was no evidence of widespread fraud in the November 2020 election -- but his DOJ never produced a report of the findings of the (alleged) investigation.

There is no report supporting Barr's claims about the election 

The J6 Committee in coordination with the lame-stream media continue to rely on appeals to authority to argue that there was no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election.   All three of these appeals to authority have been debunked, as follows:

1) DHS/CISA called it the most secure election in history   This statement has now been debunked given that DHS/CISA confirmed vulnerabilities in Dominion systems).  DHS/CISA has not addressed nor investigated for vulnerabilities in other major election systems like Hart and ES&S.   The agency's claim that these vulnerabilities have not been exploited is not supported by any evidence as neither DHS/CISA nor any other investigative authority has performed a nationwide forensic audit of voting systems.

2) The Courts.  According to the media, Trump lost 60 of 61 court cases related to the election.  This media claim has been debunked because there were over 90 cases filed about the 2020 election by Trump (and related plaintiffs).  Trump and associates prevailed in nearly 2/3 of cases decided on the merits. 

3) Former AG Bill Barr said there was no evidence of widespread fraud.   While Barr alleged that the DOJ was still investigating the fraud in December 2020, there is no evidence in the form of a report that discusses the DOJ's investigative activities.

Moreover, statements from Barr back in December alleging no widespread fraud were at odds with the known election irregularities at that time.  For example, the national news was reporting about complaints that meaningful, bi-partisan observation of the vote count was not allowed in Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta in the days as counting continued after November 3rd.  Given that the elections in Pennsylvania and Georgia were decided by a paltry number of votes, Barr's claim that the fraud wouldn't have changed the outcome is defeated by the math.

There was also the nationally broadcast Senate hearings in December, when Jesse Binnall testified that over 130,000 illegal votes were cast in Nevada.  Biden "won" Nevada by 35,000 votes.   Again, Barr's claim is defeated by the math.

Barr's highly publicized contributions to the J6 Committee show are debunked below.  (Source: CNN)

  • Barr said that Trump claimed there was a “big vote dump” in Detroit, which Barr said wasn’t true. “I said, ‘Did anyone point out to you – did all the people complaining about it point out to you, you actually did better in Detroit than you did last time?’ I mean, there’s no indication of fraud in Detroit,” Barr said of his conversation with Trump.
The Facts: The official election results from the NYT/Edison data stream confirmed a vote dump containing 141,258 votes for Biden (95%); 5,968 votes for Trump (4%); and 2,546 votes (2%) for Jorgenson occurred at 6:31 AM EST on November 4, 2020.   

This vote spike was preceded by delivery vans dropping off loads of ballots approximately hours earlier (at 3:25 and 4:25AM).  Eye witnesses to the incident raised the issue that there were chain of custody issues with the ballots due to representatives from the Democrat and Republican party not being present during the transfer.  The eyewitness also stated that at least 50,000 ballots were dropped off in the first instance. 


Next, Barr's argument that there was no vote dump in Detroit because Trump performed better in Detroit in 2020 than in 2016 is irrelevant.  The vote dump is confirmed by the data.  Trump's gains in Detroit in 2020 were likely due to the fact that he increased support among minority voters from 2016 to 2020.  

Third, given that Trump was over-performing in Detroit, that would serve as an incentive or motivation for ballot trafficking/harvesting in response to the results.  Media fact checkers, after first denying that the vans dropped off ballots, later admitted the vans delivered the ballots but the late delivered ballots were never counted.  The vote spike clearly refutes the allegation that these ballots weren't counted. 

Finally, so-called media fact checkers have never addressed this vote spike.  All of the fact checkers focused on a spike in Shiawasee County -- not Detroit -- that was caused by a typographical error reported by Decision Desk HQ.   I suspect Bill Barr did little more than read the newspapers in his effort to determine if there was a vote dump in Detroit.

  • Barr said he reiterated “they wasted a whole month on these claims on the Dominion voting machines, and they were idiotic claims.” Trump’s outside lawyers and right-wing media made baseless claims that Dominion voting machines had been used to change votes in the election. “I specifically raised the Dominion voting machines, which I found to be among the most disturbing allegations – disturbing in the sense that I saw absolutely zero basis for the allegations, but they were made in such a sensational way that they obviously were influencing a lot of people, members of the public,” Barr said. 

The Facts:  Barr provides no evidence that the DOJ investigated the sworn affidavits that included credible statistical analyses showing anomalies with Dominion machines.  Moreover, had Barr kept up with the case in Antrim County, Michigan, he would have indeed learned that Dominion Systems shifted votes in that race -- according to the official report.   Again, fact checkers in the news media incorrectly reported that the Antrim County miscount was due to a "software glitch" and "human error" when in fact it was a problem with the ballot definition file being miscoded.   It is unknown if the problem was widespread because the Michigan Secretary of State, like her counterparts in the other battleground states, have not been willing to subject their election systems to forensic audits.   Again, I suspect that Barr's conclusions on Dominion voting systems are based on media reporting -- and not any investigation conducted by the DOJ.  

  • During their December 2020 Oval Office confrontation, Barr said that Trump gave him a report that claimed “absolute proof” the Dominion voting machines had been rigged. Barr said that the report “looked very amateurish to me,” and he “didn’t see any supporting information” for the fraud claims. “I was somewhat demoralized, because I thought, ‘Boy, if he really believes this stuff, he has lost contact with – he’s become detached from reality if he really believes this stuff.’”

The Facts:  While CNN did not link the report Barr might be referencing, it matters not because Barr was charged with investigating voter fraud and should have made his decision on the results of an investigation conducted by DOJ/FBI -- not by a report handed to him by former President Trump.  Simply rejecting the idea that Dominion systems weren't compromised based a single report provided by Trump was simply irresponsible and a disservice to the country.  Barr, at a minimum could have directed the FBI's computer forensics experts examine a sampling of Dominion machines in the swing states -- where the alleged fraud occurred --- and produce a report of their findings.  

That never happened.

DHS/CISA has admitted that Dominion voting systems are vulnerable to manipulation through the inputting of malicious code by attackers.  While the CISA advisory gave the impression that systems are protected due to limiting authorized user access, it completely discounts the fact that local governments hire third party vendors to manage their elections.  Any one of these vendors could have employed a bad actor who would have had access to upload malicious code.  In addition to the DHS/CISA statement, a forensic examination of Dominion voting machines in Mesa County, Colorado revealed that duplicate files were installed on the system, deleted numerous batches of ballots, and inserted votes that were not connected to scanned ballots.  Election workers in Mesa County were completely unaware of these breaches.  

The 2020 election was unprecedented in the number of NGO's who were "assisting" local governments in the administration of elections, thus the 2020 election was most likely the LEAST SECURE in American history.  

Barr clearly fell down on the job when it came to investigating issues surrounding Dominion voting machines. 

  • Barr criticized the movie “2,000 Mules” — a conservative film Trump has embraced that falsely claimed to have uncovered fraud in the 2020 election. In referencing the movie during his taped deposition, Barr laughed derisively. “When the movie came out, I think the photographic evidence in it was completely – I mean, there was a little bit of it, but it was lacking,” Barr said of the movie. “It didn’t establish widespread, illegal harvesting.” 
The Facts:  Barr's description of the tracking criteria used in the 2000 Mules was not accurate in the least.  Barr ludicrously alleged that True The Vote (TTV) tracked 2 million cell phones around Atlanta and identified people who passed a ballot drop box five times.   Englebrecht and Phillips specifically stated that in Atlanta, ballot mules were identified as those who stopped at 10 ballot boxes and five NGO (i.e., stash houses).  

Barr also made an equally inaccurate statement that  photographic evidence was lacking.  The movie clearly offered video evidence showing traffickers stuffing multiple ballots into drop boxes -- after they photographed the ballots.  

In summary, Bill Barr's statements about the lack of widespread election fraud are without merit and are indefensible. 

-- Ray Blehar, June 16, 2022, 10:50 AM EDT

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